• Where is Cache available?

    Cache is is currently available in the United States, Europe, and India in both iOS and Android. Cache will be expanding soon, so check back as we announce more countries!

  • What currencies does Cache support?

    Cache currently supports USD, EUR, GBP and INR. Your currency is automatically detected based on the location in which you sign up!

  • How can I add money to my Cache eWallet?

    Your Cache E-Wallet will be available for setup later this summer! We know, we can't wait either!

    Once this feature is available later this summer, you can use the same common payment methods you would use elsewhere to deposit or transfer funds. A debit card, credit card, or bank transfer will all work with you eWallet.

  • Is there a limit to the amount I can invest?


    In order to prevent fraud and money laundering activities, Cache investments are currently limited to investment product purchases of up to 1,000 in your determined currency. 

  • Can I take my money out at any time?

    Yep! Your money, your rules.

    You will be able to spend your account balance with your secured Cache payment card (coming soon!) anytime you want, online or offline, everywhere where your secured Cache payment card is accepted. 

  • Once my money is invested can I withdraw it before it has matured?

    Of course, it’s your money! If you withdraw your money before it’s matured, it will be liable to a small fee. Click here for more info on our terms and conditions. 

  • Are we able to see the financial performance of the Cache Investment Products over the past years and months?

    Definitely! Once you’re in your app, head to the AI Trading Marketplace, and you’ll be able to check out the past performance of each strategy and the time it took to mature that investment in the past.  

  • How do the investment products work in the AI Trading Marketplace?

    Depending on your Cache Club Membership level we’re pleased to offer you an option to earn more within our investment marketplace.

    When deciding which investment product you want to buy, you will see the estimated time range on when you can expect to receive your return. This time is based on our algorithmic estimate of how our product is performing. It could be 10 days, or it could be 12 months, depending on the investment strategy you choose.

    Investment packages range from .25%-25%, and your first two investments are completely free. 

  • Can I lose money within the AI Trading Marketplace?

    The simple answer is this: Yes, you can lose money, you have a risk of not receiving your money and your product back. That is the nature of the financial markets and investing in general.

    In our minds, there are two scenarios where that can happen: (1) external risks (financial crisis/ global recession/ an asteroid hits the earth, etc.) or (2) internal risks (our algorithms stop performing).

    Cache does not give investment advice.

  • Once I choose an Investment Product, can I change my investment model at any time?

    Once you purchase an investment product, you cannot change the model. But the good news? Each product is an individual purchase, meaning that you can feel free to make as many other purchases as you wish in other products.

    The better part? Is that there is low 10 cash minimum, giving you the flexibility to put money in different strategies that range in return time.

    The even better part? If you are a Cache Premium you can purchase as many strategies as you so choose.

  • Where does Cache invest?

    Cache invests in a number of markets all over the world. The algorithms can attach to whatever is appreciating the most or depreciating the least, at any given point in time, to any tradeable asset in the world.

  • When does the Social Spending Platform Launch?

    So glad you asked, and we can't wait either! The Social Spending Platform will be launching later this summer (stay tuned!) 

  • When does the Cache eWallet Launch?

    We totally get it, and we're excited for the Cache eWallet to be available, too! Keep an eye out for this feature to be available later this summer. 

  • Is Cache free to use?

    Yes! Cache is totally free to use on your first two investment purchases. After that, you can join Cache Premium for less than the cost of your weekly coffee, with a monthly subscription cost of 9/month.

  • Tell me about Cache Premium, please!

    You got it! Cache Premium is a monthly membership that allows you to truly get the most out of Cache. When you sign up for Cache Premium, you’ll gain access to:

    • Unlimited investments
    • Access to advanced investment strategies
    • Automatic upgrade to The Cache Club when it launches later this summer 
  • Do You Have a Referral Program?

    So glad you asked! When you refer five friends to Cache, you’ll receive a 100 Cache Credit deposited into your account. This *100 Cache Credit will be deposited into a Cache Reward Investment Strategy when your referrals account is approved.  Full details regarding our referral program can be found below. 

    Eligible users: Users that have at least one self-purchased investment with Cache.

    Qualifying referral: Referred user signs up with unique code from referee, and passes ID verification process. 

    Payout after successful 5 qualifying referrals will be via a high return investment product from Cache, not withdrawable directly but only at end of investment duration. 

    Terms due to change at any time at discretion of Cache and without prior notice. Cache reserves the right to refuse payout. Future changes might come into effect retroactively.


  • Is my money safe?


    We are following the same regulatory schemes our payment card providers follow and implement worldwide. The cash you add to your individual eWallet and secure Cache payment card will not be stored on a Cache account but on your own account, which only you have access to. This account is encrypted by a verification credential gateway. 

    Cache is providing state-of-the-art security features not only to make your account safe, but also to protect you and the Cache platform from online fraud. If Cache should for unforeseeable reasons go out of business, your money is still in your account with our issuing card provider under regionally regulated bank identification numbers (BINs) that serves millions of cards globally. 

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